Why Superior Feed Ingredients?

Our mission is to be your first call. Our structure enables us to coordinate all services from simple tasks such as transportation scheduling to more complex ones on hedging, forward contracting, and strategic positioning.    

Better Service, Better Execution

Superior Feed Ingredients provides marketing advise to its customers. Whether you are looking for information on when to sell your grain as a farmer, or when to buy grain or feed ingredients for your livestock operation or feed mill Superior Feed Ingredients can help you.


Our Approach


We bring together a team of highly seasoned professionals with an average of 15 years of experience in fats and oils, grains, freight, and feed ingredient trading. We ask in-depth questions to understand your circumstances and identify your goals and objectives.   


Our Clients

 Superior Feed Ingredients serves clients that have outgrown their in-house structure by offering alternatives. Given the dynamic and complex nature of the commodity markets, we use our contacts and relationships to assist our clients to reach their goals and objectives at a reasonable cost. If you are a farmer, feed mill, rancher, livestock producer, grain elevator, or COOP Superior Feed Ingredients can help you. 


We are Independent

an independent employee-owned firm, we can provide our clients with stability and continuity. Our service and market information is objective and without conflict of interest.